Yosemite One Day Trip

Yosemite Valley Any Day.  Yosemite One Day Trip From $149. Spend 4 hours in the Park! From San Francisco | San Jose | Oakland! Hike up to Vernal Fall. More freedom to explore on your own. We will give you sufficient information to enjoy your trip to Yosemite! Train delay telephone or online help included.

What you see on this trip:

Yosemite Valley – Coming on Highway 140 through El Portal past Arch Rock Entrance you see the cliffs on both sides of the Merced River Canyon. Crossing the river going on South Side Road Bridal Veil Fall and Leaning Tower are visible. Looming across the Valley is the  huge El Capitan monolith. Driving further you see Cathedral Rocks, Sentinel Rock, Half Dome and Clouds Rest. Yosemite Falls is seen on the left and past Yosemite Chapel crossing the Sentinel Bridge you see the iconic Half Dome. 

Stop at the Visitor Center to have a quick light lunch, see  Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite Theater, American Indian village of the native tribe The Ahwahneechee  and Yosemite Falls.  It is easy to spend three and a half hours these Valley highlights.  No strenuous hiking. You can take a short walk for about thirty minutes from Visitor Center area to Yosemite Falls.  ALTERNATELY take the shuttle (subject to operations) to Mist Trail, Yosemite’s Most Popular Waterfall Hike. Return to Yosemite Visitor Center in time to catch the return bus. On the way back on North Side Drive you drive below Three Brothers and El Capitan.  Visible at the bend in Merced river are Cathedral Rocks and a view of the Valley in East.  Soon you see where the glacier stopped and the valley got filled in, past that the rocks and down the river. 

Leave Yosemite Valley at Arch Rock coming to El Portal on the way to Merced. If you only have one day this is the most you can do. Ideally you should spend the night in Mariposa or El Portal or inside Yosemite Valley to give you fuller experience. We can book Yosemite Lodge, Ahwanee Hotel and Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal and other suitable hotel for you.

Key Features:

  • Independent trip with Train and Bus from San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland
  • 4 hours in the park
  • Comfortable seating on the train with restroom and cellphone outlet. Cafe Car for meals and drinks (including liquor) and snack. Large bus from Merced to Yosemite.
  • Valley shuttle and sightseeing map and information included
  • Option to go by Train and Private car with Tunnel View

Yosemite One Day Trip. If you only have one day!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of America’s most magnificent National Parks, located 215 miles south east of San Francisco. You go by AMTRAK train to Merced and then large bus to Yosemite. You spend at least four hours in Yosemite and the option to take a comprehensive Valley Tour or take the Mist Trail, Yosemite’s Most Popular Waterfall Hike or enjoy Ice Skating at Half Dome Village for winter season.

This is an economical and way of taking a day trip. It is not a group tour with one single driver taking you up there and back all the way. Half way in Merced  you have a break at the station. If you do not have a night to spare and this is the only time you are here then it is worth the long journey.

Tour Code:  SYTRB

Cost from April 1st to October 31, 2021: $149 per adult / $129 child age 2 to 11

Cost includes: Round trip transportation by train and bus, Shuttle and Sightseeing Map of the Valley, Written step by step guide, Booking and information service fee, Park entrance fee, Fuel Charge, Tax

*Option to go by Train and Private car with Tunnel View for $189.00 per adult / $169 child age 2 to 11 minimum 2 people

GOING THERE by TRAIN (147 miles) and Large bus (82 miles)

From San Francisco At 6:55 a.m. check in at San Francisco Transit center (about 15 to 25 minutes walking distance from Union Square area). Thruway bus takes you across the Oakland Bay Bridge you reach the train station by 7:20. Board train at 7:40. The passenger carriages have wide comfortable seats with lots of legroom and restrooms. Get snacks in the Café Car. Enjoy this very nice train ride through the Delta area, small towns and miles of vineyards, almond and other nut and fruit trees and vegetable farms rarely seen by visitors. At 10:50 a.m. bus will pick you up at train station. Arrive Yosemite Arch Rock entrance by 12:30. Driving along Merced River with Granite Rocks you soon see Bridal Veil Fall, Cathedral Rocks, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Centinel Rock, Half Dome arrive at Yosemite Visitor at 1:10 p.m.   Time to grab lunch. A short 15 minute walk gets you to Yosemite Falls. The in Park shuttle can take you to The Ahwahnee Hotel, Camp Curry and Mirror Lake. Additional boarding locations and times: San Jose: 6:00 a.m. | Oakland: 7:30 a.m.

Return from Yosemite Lodge: Leave Yosemite Valley by bus at 4:30 p.m. for Merced. Transfer by train at 7:30 p.m. arriving East Bay train station around 10:10. Transfer to San Francisco by bus arriving at Salesforce center about 10:40 p.m.

*OPTIONAL VALLEY FLOOR TOUR. 2 hours. 26 miles. 2:00 PM

In rare instances if the trip is interrupted or delayed by train or bus appropriate refund or alternate transportation arrangements will be made by us when possible

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